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With your purchase you will receive a ticket for the English Run of the Larp "Immertreu 2024" (October 25th.-27th 2024) in Haus Schnede near Hamburg. The ticket includes accomodation, food, beverages and a role in the larp (written by the organizers). You need to bring your own costume fitting for the role.

Payment in installments
If you choose the option " down payment plus two installments", the remaining ticket price has to be paid in two equal installments of 150,- Euro each. The first installment is due two months after the booking date and the second installment is due four months after the booking date. You will receive a separate payment form for this purpose.

Types of tickets
Discounted: Accommodation in the cottage (max. 4 persons per room, shared bathroom and toilet on the same floor).
Standard: Accommodation in the manor house (max. 3 persons per room, shower and toilet in the room).
Comfort: Accommodation in the manor house (max. 2 persons per room, shower and toilet in the room).

Refund policy
Generally, the participation fee cannot be refunded. However, if at any time you realise that you cannot attend the event, you can try to find a replacement participant. In this case you will receive a full refund. We will be happy to assist you in your search.
However, tickets can only be sold to another participant with our approval.

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