Immertreu - English Run (deposit for standard ticket)

Art.-Nr. 00016

This is a deposit for a standard ticket for the English run of the larp “Immertreu” (11.-13.12.2020) in Haus Schnede (close to Hamburg, Germany). The complete ticket costs 450,- Euro (including VAT). The remaining ticket price is payable in two equal instalments of 150,- Euro each, the first instalment being due by September 15 and the second by October 31.

The ticket includes accomodation in the main mansion (up to twopersons per room, bathroom in the room), food, beverages and a role in the larp (written by the organizers). You need to bring your own costume fitting for the role.

Immertreu is a three day larp event for adults, set in 1926 in Germany.

The Setting is inspired by movies like Godfather, The Great Gatsby and M, but also by the true stories of 1920s Gangsters of Berlin.

Immertreu should feel like stepping into a movie inspired by a historical era. It might be set in the autumn of 1926 but it isn’t a historical correct re-enactment event. We aim for a feeling of the era, but during the game, the focus is on drama, passion, intrigue and the clash of different personalities.

More information on this game can be found here.

If you have any questions you can reach us via e-mail (

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