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Gender & Sexuality


Berlin of the 1920s was a place, where for a short period of time people who did not fit into the rigid pattern most of the German society requested for gender and sexuality could experience some freedom (at least compared to the decades before and after this time). We will exaggerate this even more for the purpose of Immertreu. However ... even though gender and sexuality will not be the main themes of this larp, we will not erase all conflicts about them from the game and the game background. Those conflicts have been very important for this era and historically this short period in Berlin (and other big cities) would soon end in a very tragic and brutal way.

In our game a non-binary gang boss would be as much “business as usual” and accepted in the criminal underground of 1920th Berlin as a lesbian killer or a trans male lawyer. Outside of this social circle all of them might have been (or still are) in trouble because of their identity, inside it is not a big deal. 
A lot of the characters can be played as male, female or non-binary (with some exceptions like catholic priests, characters that are explicitly mothers or fathers of other characters etc.). Every player can play a character of the gender he/she/they likes to play.